I booked my flight!

I did it! I went online, started looking at flights, and found a one-way ticket to Dublin, Ireland for $575. How could I say no? I pay that much to fly home to Ontario!

I took out my visa, and confirmed my payment information and voila! Twenty minutes later I had a confirmation e-mail!

Flight: Toronto, Canada –> Dublin, Ireland TS 234

Depart: Wednesday September 5 @ 6:55pm

Arrive: Thursday September 6 @ 8:15am

I can barely contain my excitement!

The best part is that I still don’t know what I’m going to do once I get there! Other than my first 3 nights in Dublin (I reserved a room at a hostel), I have no definite plans. So, I have taken out a few travel books on Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

So, I have booked a flight. I have booked 3 nights in this hostel which was recommended to me by my good friend Heather.

Now what? I’m not sure, but I am researching like a mad-woman!

I’m going to Europe! AMAZING!


3 thoughts on “I booked my flight!

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