The Library is a broke-girls best friend!

Thanks to my roommate Ashley, I have learned that the Library is a broke-girls best friend!

Instead of spending $20+ a book, I get to read them for free! And, since I am saving for a very important trip (budget details to come later), I am saving money wherever I can. And yes, this includes giving up my daily dose of Starbucks — I’m down to once a week!

Rick Steves’ Ireland 2012 ($22.99 USD)

Lonely Planet’s Discover Spain: Experience the best of Spain ($24.99 USD)

Lonely Planet’s Portugal 2009 ($22.99)

Money saved: $71 (!!!!)

Which, by the way, is approximately the price I’m paying to stay 3 nights in Dublin! SWEET!

Since my return from Costa Rica, I have been keeping busy with reading these books. Concession Confession: I really have no idea what I am getting myself into. I don’t know much (actually, I know close to nothing) about Ireland, Spain or the European Union at all!

Truth-be-told, the movie P.S. I love you was a big inspiration when it came out 5 years ago. Who doesn’t want to be lost along a country road in Ireland and run into an attractive Irish-man? Bring it on!

Well, I’m slowly reading through the texts and so far Dublin, Galway, the Aran Islands and the Cliffs of Moher seem to be on my list.

I’m sure as I continue to read and research I’ll find some more interesting sites to see in Ireland!


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