Travelling Veggie Style

First of all, I had a really hard time spelling the word “travelling”. Is it two “L” or one? According to yahoo answers (reliable?), it is spelled with two “L”‘s unless I am American. So, if you believe it’s spelled wrong, I apologize; I was too lazy to go grab my school text books and look it up.

Anyways, while reading through my library book about Ireland, I came across some information regarding food. Regardless of whether I ate meat or not, consuming pudding made of pig’s blood, or a substance called “mutton” does not seem very appealing. It was then that I realized that I may find it difficult at times to find food I will eat. Being a “pescetarian” (I eat fish, dairy & eggs), I know that it will be a bit easier than if I were a strict vegan, but there is only so much fish I can eat. (I have sworn off tuna for a month since being in Costa Rica since I had it every day).

First, I went to and searched for vegetarian restaurants in Dublin. Unfortunately, the options aren’t overwhelming, but it was good to see that there are at least a few places that cater to us veg heads.

Cornucopia Wholefood and Vegetarian is one of the first on the list, so I checked out their website. SUCCESS! It looks delicious, and despite my tight-budget I am going to have to splurge and eat there once (or twice) during my visit. For instance, how good does “Butternut squash and cashew cannelloni with gran Moravia cheese” sound? Yummy! (P.S. In case you weren’t aware I LOVE FOOD!!)

Cornucopia Vegetarian Restaurant - Dublin, Ireland

The next site I checked out was “Vegan Backpacker“. Right away I noticed that there is a Temple Bar food market, which is the area I’m staying in for 3 nights! Perfect! I scrolled through the post, and looked at the pictures, and saw some delicious treats! Someone told me the other day that you can survive off of just Guinness, but it’s good to know I can also indulge in a vegan cake or two as well!

Well, that’s as far as my research took me today. I just finished working, and did a 30 minute run, so I am exhausted! Time to read a bit more of my travel books, and maybe start learning some Spanish!

Anyone know of some good Vegetarian eats in Ireland? Let me know!


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