Arts & Crafts in Calgary

As much as I love planning my travels, it’s still 6 months away, so I need to find other ways to keep myself busy.

So, I drove down to Calgary this weekend to visit Kim (my bff!), her boyfriend Julien and their adorable puppy Kona.

Kim and I are known for getting into trouble when we’re together. Usually we start by having 1 glass of wine, which eventually leads to doing tequila shots at the bar.
Maybe we’re getting old, or possibly more mature (HA), but regardless we decided to have a relaxing weekend. We ate vegan cupcakes (Kim is an AMAZING baker), and watched a few episodes of Kenny vs. Spenny.

We also did a DIY project! While surfing Pinterest, which I love, I found some pins about making your own storage containers. I don’t have my own place right now, but Kim mentioned that she wanted to buy a sugar bowl for their house, and I showed her the pins. She was excited, and we decided to head to Michael’s and purchase some art supplies.

Forty-five dollars later and we were ready to start. It was surprisingly gorgeous in Calgary this weekend, so we sat out on her front-porch and began taping and painting.

I made a few for my current roommate Ashley.

We were so proud of ourselves!

All you need are some jars (we bought ours, but you can simply use recycled jars), and some chalkboard paint!

They look so nice in our kitchen!

Any other DIY projects? I’m on an arts & crafts kick so send ideas my way!


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