St. Patrick’s Day (in Edmonton)

I am even more excited (if that’s possible) to go to Ireland after the wonderful night I had this past Saturday!

My roommate Ashley and I had our friend Dan visiting for the weekend. I worked during the day, and to be honest, was feeling very much like curling up on my couch with a box of Oreo cookies. Instead, I met up with my friends. At first, it was looking as though it would be an early night. We went to a few house parties, and then decided to grab a bite at DaDeO’s.

We sipped on some Alleycat Chili Lager (deliciously spicy), and ate a plate of Nachos and some of their famous sweet potato fries.

Dan and Ashley

After shoving our faces, we all looked at each other. It had come to that point in the night that either leads to bed or to a late night and a hangover. Each of us looked the other in the eye, gave the eyebrow raise as if to say “I won’t judge you if you want to go home” and secretly I think some small part of each of us was hoping someone would tap-out.

But, we all kept silent, and put our game faces on. We put on our Shamrock stickers, and headed onto Whyte Ave.

We went to a pub, drank some green beer on their patio in the pouring rain, then headed to Hawkeye’s–a small and sketchy karaoke bar in Downtown Edmonton. By 4am we were ready for bed, but only after having a dance party and a few wrestling matches in the living room.