Cabin Fever

Although life in Edmonton feels very uncertain at the moment, I had the chance to escape with

View from the Cabin

a few girlfriends this past weekend.

Two-and-a-half hours away, 30 minutes west of Red Deer, Ashley’s family has

a beautiful cabin in a secluded area called James River Bridge.

After work, I drove to meet my friends, and immediately after I arrived I felt as though a weight was being lifted. I know, so cliche, but seriously! Away from work, my apartment worries and life in general, I felt as though I could really relax, and think.

The first night we curled up and watched Legend (a horrible movie with a very young Tom Cruise) and some JP3! The fire was lit and we all snuggled up on the couches, under worn-blankets and snacked on chips and dip and chocolates. It felt so good to have a girls weekend.

The second day my girlfriends took this city-slicker on an adventure: Snow Shoeing.

I know, it sounds archaic. Barley (Caitlin’s puppy) came along with the 4 of us as we trekked around our secluded spot.

Thankfully we didn’t see any wildlife — a few questionable footprints, but I think the girls were just trying to scare me when they said they looked “big and bear like”.

My thoughts on snow shoeing? Um, fun…as long as your snow-shoe stays on. Unfortunately mine kept slipping off, which became very frustrating and put a bit of a damper on the experience.

After our adventure, we ate some delicious tuna melts (YUM!) and soup, then we each found a spot on the couch and opened up our books. Well, most of us did. Ashley, very discretely, curled up under her blanket sans a book and went right to sleep.

What I'm reading now

It wasn’t too long until we all were sleeping–including Barley who was a bit tuckered-out after our 2 hour jaunt.

It was exactly what we needed. No internet, no television, no distractions. Just the wilderness, a good book, and a hot-fire to warm us up.

Things got crazy the second night: we played 5 Crowns (a card game), drank a glass of wine (whoa!), and indulged on tofu and quinoa. Then we got comfortable by the fire, and watched the last two Harry Potter movies. Told you we got crazy!

We took a walk during our last morning.

Playing with Instagram

I really didn’t want to leave.

It was an amazing weekend, and it gave me a lot of time to ponder “life”. More on that next post!

Side note: I’m currently watching P.S. I love you with Ashley, and I’m getting really excited for Ireland (and the possibility of meeting my own Irish hunk).


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