It will all work out

“I don’t have a plan Gerry” – Hollie in PS I love you.

One minute I was on top of the world: I booked my flight to Europe, I was making decent money at a job I loved, and I was living rent free in a beautiful house with a roommate I adore.

Then, the unexpected happened–I found out I had to move out, and I was faced with a decision: move back into my fathers place, or move out with Ashley and pay rent.

I made a pros and cons list, and came to one conclusion: It’s time to move out!

Will I struggle? Probably. I now have to find a place to live, pay rent, buy some furniture, and still save for my trip to Europe in September.

But, what I’ve learned so far in life is that everything eventually works out. It may not be what you had envisioned in your head, but how you got to where you are now is exactly how you will get to where you will be tomorrow. Decisions aren’t right or wrong, they are just choosing a certain path when there is a fork in the road. Each path leads somewhere, so stop worrying about it. As my mother has told me for the past year: Stop thinking.

Great advice Mumzie!

In September I will be in Ireland. What happens along the way will only make the journey that much more special.

P.S. It’s been an eventful week. We got our tickets to Coachella, Ashley started on a new tattoo, we have viewings at a few apartments this week, and I cooked a delicious dinner tonight!

Also, in other exciting news: jewelry for Coachella arrived via Etsy! Yay!

Etsy bracelets and H&M rings

White Bracelet ($22.50) – bymargaret , Blue bralelet ($10) – Natasha Scott, Rings ($6.50 for 3) – H&M


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