Pinterest and Etsy

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Life has been a bit hectic lately. I am leaving for California tomorrow, moving into my new place May 1st, and planning a trip to Europe in the fall!

Although these are all very BIG events, I still have a lot of free time.

My goal is to devote some of that free time to more exercise (more on that when I get back from Cali), and less of my time to Pinterest!

It’s getting a bit excessive–I will open up my Pinterest account at around 6pm, just to have a glance, and then 6 hours later my eyes are bloodshot and I’ve “pinned” 10 or more pictures to my boards!

My New Place board is getting bigger! So many adorable projects, and ideas for decorating have caught my eye lately! I hate to say it: but I think I’m turning into my mother! Eek (love you Mumzie)! But seriously, I am only now beginning to fully understand the long trips to Ikea and Pier 1.

Also, check out Beauty In Creation where I have been posting some beautiful artwork I’ve found on Etsy!

Etsy - hjmArtGallery

Etsy - ashleyg shop. Thanks to reading about the artist on A Beautiful Mess

Etsy- VintageDictionaryArt

How adorable are these pieces of art?! I cannot wait to start decorating my new place!


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