I’m an adult

There are milestone moments when we begin to perceive the world in a new light. You would expect these moments to happen during a life-altering event such as a graduation or marriage; but I have noticed that these moments usually pass us by, only realized when we take a moment to reflect.

When I graduated high-school I thought I had the world figured out. I was going to go away to University, and become this really sophisticated, grown-up woman with an awesome job, a great apartment and a hot boyfriend.

Reflection: Photos reveal that I was an awkward 17-year-old, with a cockroach-infested apartment in a low-income area, working in retail and no boyfriend worth mentioning.

During my time at University I dreamed of graduating, finding the perfect job, living in that great apartment and finding myself that good-looking man.

Reflection: I’m still trying to live the dream, but something tells me it won’t be what I expected.

So what milestone moment am I going to tell you about today? What did I notice while sitting in my bed, drinking coffee and sipping a smoothie?

I realized that I enjoy home furnishing stores.  This must mean I’m an adult, right? I have spent the past week in HomeSense, Winners, Home Outfitters and perusing Ikea.ca and Pinterest accounts for home-decorating ideas.

I remember dragging my feet around Ikea (unless we were in the children area), complaining about how boring it was to look at lamps and shelving. My mom used to trick me into going to Winners for clothing, only to spend half of the time looking in their “home” section.

As a child, I never understood why my parents spent so much time decorating. I now spend hours looking at knick-knacks, pictures, frames, throw pillows and shelving. Adorable owl-figurines, that serve no real purpose, trigger an urge to somehow fit it into the theme of my room.

This can only mean one thing: I’m an adult.


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