Time for a change? And the travel research continues…

It’s no secret: I’ve moved to a different area of Edmonton. I love it! I am out exploring everyday (by foot) and feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. I am finally supporting myself (mostly), and I feel like my super-awesome life is finally happening.

I realize that lately my posts have been about “life” and making decisions and blah blah blah, but seriously I think another change is happening!

I’ve always been a busy-body, and I’m one of those that “rips off the band-aid” instead of peeling it off slowly, so to speak. So, when I make changes I don’t go about it gradually. When I decided I wanted to have shorter hair, I got a faux-hawk. When I finished University and wanted to make a change I moved across the country!

So, I’ve moved into a new place, in a new neighbourhood, with a new roommate, and I now pay rent. Big changes, but I still feel as though I haven’t shed off all the negativity of last-year.

I am thinking of switching jobs. This isn’t an easy decision to make because a) I love my job, b) they love me, c) I’m in a management position so I make decent money, and d) I leave for Europe and my current employer is guaranteeing me a position upon my return.

I just don’t know what the smartest move is. If I get a job on Whyte I’m worried that I won’t be able to return when I get back from my travels. Also, what if the money isn’t as good? I know the money at my current job is decent–I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll make “x” amount of money in tips a week.

BUT, if I get a job on Whyte, I can give back my Dad’s car. As a side-note (and one I won’t go into detail about), I’m trying to separate myself financially from my father as much as possible. His car is the last piece of the puzzle.

Oh the decisions. I want to rip off the band-aid, but I think the smarter decision would be to stick-it-out for the summer at my current job, and attempt to get a new job upon my return.

Oh decisions, decisions!

As a side note, I was reading one of my favourite travel blogs, Christine in Spain, and she had some travel advice for Spain.

Basque Country. It’s in northern Spain, and her pictures make it seem beautiful. It also seems as though it may be off the regular tourist path, which only entices me more to visit! Check out her post, and you’ll be itching to travel there with me (any takers?!).


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