Project domestication continues!

So in my post “I’m an adult” I wrote about how I was becoming more interested in things such as throw pillows, knick-knacks, and pictures frames. Well, my domestication continues: I was gardening today! Ashley and I took a trip to Superstore today and picked up some geraniums, tomato plants, carrot seeds, and lavender! Oh, we also picked up some sunflowers to plant in front of our bedroom windows!

It was such an exciting day! I had never realized how much fun digging around in the dirt could be!

Our Garden in the backyard!

And, I texted my Mumzie a picture of my “mystery plant”–which is growing! No idea what it is yet, but I can’t wait to find out! What is the mystery plant? Our friend Dan gave us an AWESOME house-warming gift: 3 coloured pots, 3 envelopes of mystery seeds. We picked our coloured pot and planted our seeds; now we’re just waiting another week for them to reveal what they are!

What could it be?

PS my Mumzie’s reply:

“Aww, my grand baby!!” — Oh Mumzie I love you!

P.S. Tomorrow’s post is a special Mother’s Day post! Stay tuned!


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