For my Mumzie

It’s Mother’s Day today, and I can’t help but be envious of my friends in Edmonton who are spending the day with their mothers, getting manicures and eating delicious brunches. Mumzie (and grand-Mumzie) are a 5.5 hour flight away, so instead I will be spending today at the restaurant, smiling at all the mother-daughter couples that come in for a “nice day together”.

I am lucky to have two generations of women to look up to, go to for advice, and drink copious amount of red wine and gossip until ridiculous hours in the morning. My Mumzie has always been the “cool” mom of the group: she dresses “hip”, will laugh at dirty jokes, sometimes has a potty mouth, and doesn’t have some ridiculous idea that I (and my friends) are tea drinkers on a Saturday night (although sometimes we do that, I swear!).

When I’m having a tough-go in life, my Mumzie will always listen, and will always offer advice. Now, sometimes I don’t always want to hear what advice she has to give, but most of the times she’s right (I hate to admit it though), and for that I am really thankful.

My Mumzie likes to tell me that I am a “kick-ass sister”, and my Dad Paul loves me very much, and I have her to thank. My good manners, go-get it attitude and thirst for adventure has stemmed from my Mumzie.

So Mumzie, although right now I am far away, trying to become this independent person, I have every intention of coming home. Because, no person, place or thing could keep me away from my Mumzie forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love your Tay Tay


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