Help me make a list!

I leave for Europe in 121 Days (17 weeks)!

It really isn’t that far away! It’s already mid-May and I haven’t been planning anything!

I was looking at walking trails in Ireland, and realized that I don’t own a good pair of hiking boots.

What I need:

  • Hiking boots

That’s all I have on my list so far. Oh no! During my Europe 2012 adventure I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking, so obviously good shoes are in order. What else does a girl bring? My roommate has a back-pack she used during her Europe trip a few years ago, so I don’t need to buy my own (score!), but now I am struggling with how I decide what else to bring!


Have you ever traveled to Europe? What are some things you could NOT live without while travelling, and what was just a waste of space? I will compile a list of the best answers to help me pack for my own trip (and document what was useful and what wasn’t).



3 thoughts on “Help me make a list!

  1. Europe in shoulder season can be variable. I found a good raincoat, a silk long underwear top, and tights to help with the chill. A couple of cardigans are good. A knit dress can be dressed up or down. A beautiful scarf for when the wind blows in. I don’t use hiking boots unless I’m truly backpacking. For mere hikes, shoes with a good tread are lighter. I highly advocate one bag travel (it is far cheaper and easier in Europe if you do this). Check out Doug Dyment’s web page at to learn how. He has a packing list on his site too with items that are actually useful.

      • Glad it was helpful. Just thinking – you may want to use dress snow boots as your “boots”. Wear them with leggings and a skirt/dress, wear them hiking, wear them around town. Dublin will be cooler in September so you may think of using them and a pair of ballet flats as your shoes.
        I love my Merrell dress boots – and they have awesome treads.

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