Fringe Fest – IN DUBLIN!

One of my FAVOURITE festivals in Edmonton is the International Fringe Theatre Fest.

This year the Edmonton festival takes place August 16 – 26 and luckily I’ll be in town to enjoy it! Last year Ashley and I went to the show “Tudor Queens: A Burlesque” and it was my first (and only) live show experience, and I LOVED IT! Since then, I’ve been waiting (impatiently) for the 2012 show line-up to be released.

But, this post isn’t about Edmonton’s Fringe Fest.

No. This is a post about a Fringe Fest in…wait for it…IRELAND!

While perusing a “20 Great Things to Do in Dublin” list I noticed that they, too, have a Fringe Fest. When is it (?) you ask — September 8 – 23 — which is exactly when I will be in Ireland!

No show times released yet, but best believe my time in Dublin has increased substantially because of this tid-bit of information.

Two Fringe Festivals in one year! I can barely contain my excitement!


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