Walking, Knitting & life’s soundtrack

It was May-long weekend in Canada, and sadly I had to work. Well, I only worked Saturday night, but since it falls right in the middle of the weekend I couldn’t really escape. The roomies took off for the weekend, leaving me alone. Uh oh!

So, I went for walks, indulged in chai lattes, and started knitting! Yepp, that’s right, I am going to attempt (again) to knit!

There is no real “purpose” of tonight’s post. I just want to share some of my recent discoveries and music obsessions. Check it out!


Sampled this at the Empress Lounge on Whyte — yummy!

Typical morning: Coffee, smoothie and usually a book

I love exploring the neighbourhood. And look — LEAVES!

Just a few of the photos that will be hanging on our “Picture Wall” soon!

I’m knitting! First project: a scarf.

I can’t wait to do our Picture Wall! I will definitely be posting photos of the finished product soon!


I just saw Katy perform this on the BBMA’s and instantly had to download it!

I heard the chorus to this next song on the radio, and immediately fell in love with it. It was only recently that I was told that it was Justin Bieber singing it.

PS check out the conversation that took place on twitter:

Here’s a quick screenshot of what is currently the Soundtrack to my life:


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