Pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan or Paleolithic?

I recently read (and posted) articles from Thought Catalog that discussed the attitudes of individuals who eat a primarily plant-based diet. The initial article, “Oh, You Don’t Eat Meat? Do Tell Me More” by Chelsea Fagan begins by stating that she is writing her article based on the views of “militant” vegans. However, after reading the entire piece, it’s hard not to feel as though she is venting about all individuals who choose to eat healthy.

Samantha Moore responds to Ms. Fagan with “Oh, You Eat Meat? Please, Feel Free to Berate Me”, and she does an excellent job of pointing out the (many) logical fallacies with Fagan’s arguments.

Chelsea Fagan’s article irritates me because she accuses vegetarians of being judgmental against meat-eaters. Yet, the entire time she uses flawed and un-found arguments that cast judgments on those she accuses.

I would just like to point out that there are MANY papers, articles and news reports that prove a vegetarian diet is better not only for your heath but for the environment as well. It’s not judgmental, it’s fact.

I am a pescetarian; therefore my diet is mainly plant-based but I still consume dairy, eggs and seafood. I initially became a vegetarian, and then about 6 months later I introduced fish back into my diet because I enjoy the taste and it was easier for me to attend family events (oh, you don’t eat meat? What do you eat?).

I love food. My diet used to consist of McDonald’s “chicken” nuggets, steak sandwiches and a chicken breast at lunch and dinner. When I began introducing more vegetarian type meals into my diet, I discovered that there was so much more variety beyond my daily chicken breast meal.

I now eat avocado, lentils, hummus, tofu, seitan, kale, chia seeds, hemp hearts, mangos and quinoa.

I am not saying that individuals who eat meat don’t eat these things, I am just saying that since giving up meat I have discovered that I actually enjoy eating food that I would have previously turned my nose up at. And yes Ms. Fagan, I do pin pictures on my Pinterest account of these things.

I, like Moore, do not judge my friends if they eat meat. An individual’s diet is a choice, and although I may have an opinion of what is best, I keep it to myself. Yes, I do think that mass-slaughter is similar to the holocaust, but please don’t get angry at me for thinking this. Yes, I have seen many videos of animal cruelty and factory farming, and therefore I cannot stomach the thought of ever eating meat again, but why am I an asshole for feeling this way?

I choose to eat a pescetarian diet because it makes me feel better. Plain and simple. I don’t want to argue with anyone about it. However, if you choose to attack me and my eating habits, don’t expect me to back down. Plain and simple.


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