Instagram Weekends

The weekend is the only time Ashley and I have time to spend together. During the week Ashley is busy at school during the day and studying at night–and usually nights I work. So, the weekend has become our time to explore, be creative and enjoy food on the patio.

One of Ashley’s classmates just opened a new store-front here in Edmonton called Evoolution, and he kindly gave us some flavoured EVOO and balsamic vinegar to try! So, this Saturday we whipped up a salad (using our Organic Box produce of course) and enjoyed it on our front-step with some white-wine-spritzers!

Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar paired with Blood Orange EVOO. It was delicious with our mixed greens, strawberry and feta cheese salad!

Our DIY picture wall!

Our fun didn’t stop there!

We also decided to tackle our picture wall! We headed over to Superstore and purchased some twine and old-fashioned wooden clothespins and got to work!

We weren’t sure how it was going to turn out, but for a mere $10 we managed to create an inter-changeable picture wall that was easy, fast and super cute!

What do you think?

Hopefully this Sunday Ashley and I will head to the Parliament Grounds and watch the weekly drum circle while catching up on some reading. More pictures of our wonderful weekend to come!

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?


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