Fantastic Food Friday – Organic Box and Thai Coconut Curry

We received our first Organic Box!

We try to eat as healthy as possible (try being the key word), so when Ashley and I were told about “The Organic Box” we couldn’t resist trying. It’s a service in Edmonton that delivers fresh, organic and mostly local produce and a variety of other goods to your door once a week!

Last week we received a bag of fresh arugula, some baby greens, an apple, an orange, a bell-pepper, mushrooms, a bunch of bananas (for smoothies!) and a pint of strawberries. We’re going to try it out, as it’s only $35 a week and helps us all out as we all have very busy schedules.

I can already think of a few good meals: arugula pasta, strawberry almond salads…yummy!

This week for “Fantastic Food Friday” I decided to take some pictures of my preparation of Thai Coconut Curry. I posted the recipe (can be made pescetarian and vegan by substituting and omitting) on my post Favourite Veggie Blogs.

Also: I HAVE SAVED $7000 SO FAR FOR EUROPE 2012!! Only Three-Thousand more to go!

Pescetarian version (to make vegan simply omit fish sauce and add a TBS of apple cider vinegar and a tbs of brown sugar)
Note: I added a cup or so more of veggie broth during the simmer process because the noodles soak up a lot of the liquid!
There you have it! By the time I went back for seconds most of the liquid was gone so next time I am going to add an extra can of coconut milk, more curry paste and some more broth. Still tastes yummy without the “soup”.
The Ginger People make this sauce — Peanut Ginger. What should I do with it? Any ideas?!

And, I just want to share some music with you. As per usual, I left my iTunes playing in the background while I was cooking and this song came on. I didn’t even know I had it! What do you think?


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