This is me

I’ve always been really uneasy about sharing my passions with others. Well, I don’t know about always, but since graduating elementary school I’ve definitely been more conservative (and humble) when it comes to sharing what I love.

I don’t know why I ever became concerned with what others thought of me. But, I am sure that I am not the only one that finds herself holding back in fear of what others may think.

I dated my ex for 6 months (and was friends with him for a brief time before) and never once shared any of my writing with him. I LOVE TO WRITE — I’m not saying I’m talented (tsk tsk – negative self-talk) I enjoy writing, and people that care for me will not judge me for doing something that brings me joy. Why is this so hard to comprehend? (GB you best be reading this!)

How many of you enjoy playing an instrument but refuse to play it for friends/lovers out of fear? What are you afraid of?

How many of you write a blog that you have yet to share with a handful of people in your life? What are you afraid of?

How many of you enjoy singing (enjoy, not stellar at) and refuse to do it around a new b/f or g/f? What are you afraid of?

I am also afraid.

So, I am trying to change this horrible habit. I am slowly attempting to share what I love with others. So, to break the ice I am going to write a list of 10 things about me. These are 10 fears, things and activities that I enjoy, but do not necessarily do because of a) a fear of being laughed at or b) because at a young age someone criticized me and I never recovered.

This is me

  1. I love to write. I write in a journal on a regular basis, I write in this blog, and I dream of one day making a living by writing.
  2. I love to sing. In the car, home-alone in the shower, & karaoke at a seedy bar.
  3. I love to play the violin.
  4. I love photography.
  5. I love to draw/paint even though I don’t even like what I create half-the-time, it relaxes me.
  6. I am deeply petrified by death, to the point that full-on anxiety attacks are directly around the corner.
  7. I love dinosaurs. I love Jurassic Park (1 ,2 & 3), The Land Before Time (first only), and the Royal Tyrrell Museum.
  8. I pride myself on my unwavering loyalty to those I love.
  9. I am petrified of flying (see #6), but refuse to let this stop me because I LOVE THE THOUGHT OF TRAVELING.
  10. I am afraid of publishing this post because of what others may think. Petrified. To the point of not publishing it.

Maybe you’re not ready to share everything with everyone BUT you should stop living in fear and take a positive step forward by sharing one thing with someone. Start by sharing a similar list on your blog for complete strangers to read. Or, start by sharing the list (or one thing from your list) as a reply to this post. Worry and fear really are ridiculous emotions because they are based in nothing but self-doubt.

Tell me ONE THING about yourself–anything. I promise I (and no one else) will judge.


One thought on “This is me

  1. Good advice. I don’t normally feel shy about sharing my passions with people, but my blog is a secret. Just because of the field I am in, a fashion blog might not be concidered a plus 🙂 Plus, I feel embarresed. Not because of the passion for fashion, but because blogging is generally looked on as attentionseeking among my group of friends.

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