Happy Insta-Father’s Day

How did you spend your father’s day? Did you treat the old man to breakfast out? Take him to a game? Perhaps you had a fabulous dinner to celebrate his awesomeness?

Regardless of how you celebrated this father’s day, I hope it was memorable; because, Dad’s are fantastic, and it’s a shame that sometimes we forget to tell them day in and day out.

Luckily, I have TWO Dad’s in my life who, in their own unique ways, add a bit of awesomeness to my life.

This year I flew into London and the look on Paul’s face said it all: he was happy to have me home.

Dad is away at work, but I made sure to send him a text letting him know I was thinking of him–and for my Dad and I this is definitely a huge sentiment. We may not be all cheesy and gushy like Paul and I are, but we got our own special bond that says “Hey, I sent you this e-mail to say I thought of you on this day celebrating Dad’s. Knew you would appreciate it. See you in a month or so. Oh yeah, Love You and stuff”. If you knew my Dad, you’d realize that this is the best way for me to say I love you without making us both super uncomfortable.

As for Paul, he’s more of the mushy, gushy type of Dad. Last year I wrote him a little something, but this year I’m just gonna keep it short and sweet: Love you to the moon and back–times infinity!

Anyways, enough about that, it’s Instagram Weekend time!! Hope you enjoy all the photos I took during my travel to London and the first-day adventures that took place.

Good-morning Edmonton — 5am and it’s fairly bright outside.

Waiting for board at the Edmonton International

Look! Only 1/2 an hour from London!

Paul made me a Vanilla Latte as soon as I got home! Yummy!

Heather, Michelle, Gopi and I headed to Fellini Koolini’s for Dinner. It was delicious!

Gopi, Michelle and Heather — Boob-grabbing over dessert. I love my friends!

Home sweet Home!

Blogging and reading my new book about Europe from my parents! They’re so thoughtful!



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