Home is wherever I am with…

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve been able to call a city home. Being in my young-twenties, I still refer to my birth-place as “home”, yet have no connection to it beyond my family.

But, where is home if not with the people you love?

I lived in Ottawa for four years. I used to love walking along the Rideau Canal, in all seasons, people watching and taking in the beauty. I know that “The Glebe” is my favourite neighbourhood; a street lined with adorable shops, cute bakeries and family-owned restaurants. In Ottawa, I knew the bus-routes to my favourite shopping districts, the bars that had live music, and that a $2 latte was a 5 minute walk from my place.

But, I don’t feel like I can ever call Ottawa home. Despite my love for the city’s beauty, and my intricate knowledge of it’s streets, the life I once had there is gone. For now, Ottawa is not my home.

I now live in a city far-removed from the habitat and people that I know. It was once an ugly-city to my untrained eye; but, after a few years I have found my favourite neighbourhood is “Old Strathcona”. I know that a $2 coffee is a 5 minute walk from my place. I know that the Sugarbowl is my favourite restaurant for it’s popcorn, and that the Blue Plate Diner has my favourite veggie burger. It is the festival capital, with multiple events happening every week, some for free and only a 10 minute walk from my front-door.

Yet, I am in my twenties, and no-place is home.

We are all searching for this special place, but what I am beginning to realize is that geography doesn’t really matter. I don’t have a home because I am not ready to be home.

Stop fretting about where life is going to take you, because it really doesn’t matter. It’s all going to work-out in the end, and one day you will realize that you finally have a place to call home.


7 thoughts on “Home is wherever I am with…

  1. Escape Edmonton! I’m from there…
    And you are exactly correct. Your 20s are for growing and learning. I have travelled around the world during these years and it is the best investment for my life ever! Good luck!

  2. I don’t think you should tinker with feces. I don’t thin you’ll smell very good after tinkering so. I also would have to disagree with your 20’s being your selfish years. I think those are the years when you give, give, give in order to see what you’ll receive in return. Perhaps love? As I got older, I got more selfish, especially of my time, money, and knowledge.

    • I wish I had a witty reply (I have obviously taken my time in thinking of one), but I just can’t seem to retort what you are saying as my experience is limited. As for tinkering with feces: how would you know if you haven’t tried? I still enjoy this quote as I am living my twenties as selfishly as possible: spend my money on traveling, experiences and on activities I enjoy; because I know that as I get older my selfishness will subside as I grow a family of my own.

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