Traveling Europe: What to buy

Oh Pinterest, I love you.

What a genius idea: your “favourites toolbar” now viewable with pictures and you can share it with your friends!

Well, Europe is only 10 weeks away!

  • 10 weeks left to save my $10,000
  • 10 weeks to find someone to sublet
  • 10 weeks to pack for my move to Ontario
  • 10 weeks to buy my gear for Europe

Might I add, 10 weeks is also the approximate length of time I’ll be spending in Europe…

So, what does Pinterest have to do with this?

Well, I’ve started a “list” of clothing/gear I think I might need! Okay, so you may not be as excited as I am, but I have spent hours compiling the list! My hope is that by the end I’ll have a fairly exhaustive list that I can share with other aspiring travelers!

Okay, to take a look at my list so far click here. Now, some of the items on the list so far I don’t need as my good friend Ashley has offered to hook me up with some supplies 🙂

Here are a few items that I know I want to buy:

MEC Timeless Knickers – $35

These look so comfortable! I don’t want to be wearing lu lu’s everywhere, so these look like a great alternative. The reviews were all positive, saying they were very comfortable! Perfect for flights and long train/car rides. Also, only $35!

MEC Twirl Dress – Wrinkle Resistant! – $39

Chances are I’ll head out to some nicer restaurants from time-to-time, or out for bevvies with fellow travelers, so a dress is a must. I want something that is wrinkle resistant (check) and that can be dressed up or down (check).

MEC Merino lightweight Hoodie – $75

I love wearing hoodies! It’s nice to have the option to take it on or off, which is important when you’re out and about all day. Also, this is made of Merino Wool, which whisks away moisture! It’s the most expensive item on this list, but I also think it’s the most important.

MEC Leena Top – $23

I really like the style of this top! I just can’t decide if cotton is the best choice of fabric?

Convertible Pants – Eddie Bauer $70

I’ve read on a few forums that convertible pants are ideal while trekking around. I don’t really like the style, or color, of these though.

MEC Travel Pouch – $8-$12

All 25 reviews were positive for this pouch, so I’m saying this is a must-have.
And at this cost, who could resist?

And there you have it, a short list of the things I want to bring with me on my trip.


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