Subletting Nightmares

As much as I would love to just drop my life and take off on a European adventure, there are some responsibilities I must take care of first.

The most painful one is finding a person to sublet my room.

First, I don’t want to pay rent for a place that I will not be coming back to. $550/month is a lot to pay for a place you’re not living in. So, I need to find someone to rent my room for the remainder of my lease.

It should be pretty easy, right? It’s close to the University and the main strip (Whyte Ave), and I have 2 pretty awesome roommates.

So, what’s the issue?

I can’t just rent to anybody.

I’ve had some pretty interesting people respond to my Kijiji add.

Want to rent a room?

Some are musicians with no job (WTF?!), others just got kicked out of their old place (no thanks), and although some seem ‘normal’ they send me one e-mail and I never hear from there again!?

Also, there is such a thing as too nice. For instance, the sweetest girl came to look at the room…with her mom. Okay, sure, I might go look at a place with my mom too–if I were buying a place! It was just really uncomfortable–I felt judgment.

She was really nice. But, like I said, there is such a thing as too nice. For some reason I imagine the person who takes over my room to have a little pep-in-their-step. I want someone who’s outgoing, yet considerate; clean, yet okay with a bit of clutter from time-to-time; friendly, but somewhat keeps to themselves.

Maybe I should just post a personal add?

I know it’s not the end of the world; and, it’s only the beginning of July so I have time. It’s just that I am very much a get-it-out-of-the-way type of gal.

Patience is a virtue (or some BS like that).



3 thoughts on “Subletting Nightmares

  1. Kijiji can be hit and miss for some things, but for gathering leads for roommates, if you’re an adult, it’s as good an option as anything else. As long as you meet them in person and do enough interviewing, you’re usually good to go. But you make a good point — some people are jerks, and some just suck at Kijiji.

    • HAHA i’ve never been to this site! AMAZING! Thanks 🙂 and yes, I know that, eventually, I will find a person to fill my spot, but the process is painful to say the least

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