Instagram Weekend

Wow. It is HOT! I mean, for us Edmontonians, it feels like the world must be coming to and end, because there is just NO way our city could possibly be this nice.

I’m hoping to get myself motivated enough today to head to Churchill Square and attend Edmonton’s International Street Performer’s Festival.

Ashley and I went last year and had a fantastic time. My favourite was definitely Hilby. It began to rain during his performance, but Ashley and I were having such a great time we stayed to watch. He had me laughing until I was in tears! Unfortunately I don’t think Hilby is back this year. Oh well, I’m sure there are a few other talented performers to keep me entertained.

Well ,for this week’s Instagram Weekend post, I’m going to give you an update to “Project Domestication”.

Do you remember Tay Jr?

What could it be?

I had high-hopes for this little guy. But, unfortunately, I wasn’t attentive enough. We will never know what Tay Jr. was meant to be, as he only lived a very short life. RIP

But, not all is lost! Ashley and I were at the Farmer’s Market last weekend, and picked up a few new friends. So, check out Tay Jr. Reincarnated:

Isn’t she beautiful?

And, our garden is coming along nicely.

Baby Tomatoes are growing!

And, check it out! I partied with a celebrity! Seriously, he was in a band, has a video on YouTube and yeah, he’s my friend! Happy 23rd Birthday Justin!

Justin Hamilton of Jay and the Lovebirds

Don’t believe me?

And one last thing! Ashley was at the Calgary Stampede this past weekend, and has a little friend she’s bringing home for me!

I love Dino’s!

Well, hope you enjoyed my mini update and my fantastic instagram photo’s. I was out with my Dad and purchased some travel gear, so stay tuned for a post on that!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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