You’re like a “small child”


Internal me: “OMG! What is that?! Run for the door, go find Ashley, what’s happening?”

*Flash of LIGHT*

Internal me: “This is the biggest thunderstorm ever! The world must surely be coming to an end. Oh my head is spinning, is this the end?!”

Yes, these were the thoughts running through my mind at 3:30am when the first crack of thunder shook our house this morning. My heart was pounding, I broke out into a sweat (or perhaps I was already sweating from the heat wave), and I was extremely confused.

I wish I could say that it was just the initial sound that frightened me, and that I quickly went back to sleep to the soothing sound of rain. But that would be a lie.

No, I am irrationally scared of thunderstorms. I’m talking run-to-you-mumzie’s-room-in-the-middle-of-the-night-and-crawl-into-bed-at-the-age-of-18 scared of thunderstorms. I can’t explain it. I know in my own mind that there is nothing to be frightened of. I know the science behind it. I know that it’s just noise and light far above me. But, for some reason, when it’s dark out, and I hear that loud BANG, I start quivering.

When I told this story to Kim, she laughed at me and I said, “I know, I’m like a dog” and she replied “No, my dog isn’t afraid of thunderstorms. You’re like a small child”.


Is anyone else terrified of thunderstorms? Have any ridiculous fears? Share them, it would make me feel better.


7 thoughts on “You’re like a “small child”

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  2. Depends on the severity of the storm, but I definitely freak out if it gets bad enough. I just sort of sit quietly and hope for the best, while the two halves of my brain — the half that knows nothing will happen, and the half that knows I’m going to die — duke it out for the duration.

    I was actually “driving” during one once (I put driving in quotes because I was stopped in traffic that wasn’t going anywhere because all the traffic lights were out in the area), it was the middle of the day but as dark as if it were the middle of the night, and the wind was so terrible I was sure a tornado was coming to suck my car up. That was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

    • Wow! I would have been crying in my car for sure! It’s funny how we logically know there is very little danger, but yet a single loud BOOM causes our flight/fight response to take over.
      PS–They’re calling or thunderstorms every night this week. AWESOME! Good thing I’ve warned my roommate that she may have a snuggle buddy 😉

  3. Not terrified of thunderstorms at all, I find they give me energy and make me excited. The dark and an over-zealous imagination can freak me out though … like being in bed and think I can feel something in my hair when a breeze blows by, though once that did turn out to be true and it was a centipede in bed with me … yikes couldn’t sleep for days

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