Instagram weekend via my new iPhone 4S

For those of you that follow me on twitter, or know me personally, you are aware that I finally broke down and purchased a new iPhone 4s.
I struggled with the idea for a while since the entire cell phone infrastructure bothers me: the constantly changing technology, incentives to purchase new phones before they are broken, the lack of proper disposal (e-waste) and because I didn’t really want to spend the money ($200).
But, after doing some research I realized that if I wanted to stay connected while abroad in Europe I was going to need a better phone than my very slow, and outdated, iPhone 3.
The perks?
1. iMessenger is free and unlimited with wifi
2. FaceTime is also free and unlimited with wifi
3. It’s way faster!
4. The apps are updated and more user friendly. I was never able to blog with my 3, but I am currently using my iPhone to blog!
5. Which brings me to my next point: I can instagram, message, and blog from my phone as long as I have wifi!
The perks are endless, but it still frustrates me because I know by Fall 2012 there will be a new, and better, iPhone on the market that will put mine to shame, and our consumer minds will make us want to buy it.
(I will do a post about e-waste soon, just not from my phone, it’s still not as awesome as blogging from my Mac).
Anyways, this is the perfect way to share my instagram weekend with you!

This was taken at the ‘End of Steel’ park in Edmonton, parallel to 104 street and just south of Saskatchewan drive.

This is by far my favourite picture so far with instagram (filtered also with PicFx). It’s a bench at the end of my block, positioned perfectly with a deep-red coloured house in the background. Couldn’t ask for a better shot.


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