Travel Items

About a month ago I wrote a post titled Traveling Europe: What to Buy.

I compiled a few online-pictures (check out my Pinterest board) of what I thought I might need (or want) for my trip.

Well, I purchased a few items at MEC while out with my Dad a few weeks back, and I wanted to share the purchases with you!

Let me preface this by saying that although I am on a “budget” of sorts, I didn’t look for the cheapest items for this trip. I want to make sure that I have quality equipment and clothing so that I’m comfortable.

Super Continent 65 Litre – $159

I got myself a 65 Litre pack by MEC. I recommend going into the store and having someone help you find the right size and fit. They were kind enough to stuff it with weights and fabric to bulk it up for me, and I walked around the store for a good half-hour before deciding to take it.

Large Polyester Towel – $25.50

Through my research I’ve read that these towels are a must for a trip. They dry quickly, are compact, and can also be used as a blanket. Perfect!


Yeah, its a fanny-pack. I want to ensure my money and passport are safe at all times.


This is very similar to the fanny-pack idea, it’s just a bit more secure. I had a tough time deciding which one to get, so I went with both. If I don’t use one during my trip I can always bring it back to MEC.


Merino Wool Hoodie. SO AWESOME! It’s extremely light-weight, perfect for layering, and works with your body to keep you cool or warm, depending on the weather.


Another Merino Wool sweater! These shirts will fit into my pack without taking up a lot of room or adding weight.


A light-weight jacket. Again, I am thinking about what I can wear solo and in layers. I am not planning on being in Europe in the middle of winter, but I’ve heard that Ireland can be wet and chilly during the Autumn months. So, best to come prepared!

Total: $526.05 (taxes incl.)

There you have it! I also plan on bringing a pair of yoga pants, a pair of comfy jeans (lucky brand), and a pair of wind-breaker type pants as well. For tops: a couple T-shirts, a tank top, a nice cardigan, and one heavier sweater. If I really want to dress up for a night, I think I’m better off saving my money and purchasing clothing over-seas.

So fellow travelers any items you could recommend? Any must haves? I’m still having a problem deciding on footwear. I’m going to bring my crocs (I know, they’re not super fashionable but they’re so comfortable), and I was thinking maybe some cute hikers. Do cute hikers exist?


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