Instamoments – #yeg, #yyc, #yba

27 Days!

I’m freaking out a lil’ bit.

As you all know I have made plans to move back to Ontario and yet these plans have been thwarted by what we’ll refer to as insanity.

Don’t worry. I am not about to be fooled again.

But, my life has been pretty busy as of late. Friends, family, festivals, hiking, good food and all around happy disposition have fooled my brain into thinking, “Wow, Edmonton isn’t all bad”.


Just like last time, I know that it is the summer heat wooing me into believing that Edmonton is the most amazing city ever. But, upon reflection, I know that come winter, I will dive head-first back into the cold-winter-blues, promising myself up and down that I will move back to Ontario.

So, nice try Alberta, but I am an Ontario girl, and to Ontario I will go!

Curious about my recent thoughts? Check out these instagram shots and you may begin to understand.

Heritage Days Festival in Edmonton

Samosas from the India Pavilion

Chocolate Covered Banana from the Peru Pavilion

It was the Heritage Days Festival in Edmonton last weekend, and since I had Sunday off I headed to the park to check it out. First of all, I went alone! Yepp, I put on my summer best and trekked 45 minutes in the heat all by my lonesome. I figured since I am going to be spending a lot of time alone in foreign countries I should get used to the feeling now, in a place that is familiar. Well, my fears have subsided substantially since on my way I struck up a random conversation with Amber and Dan–two Edmontonians walking the same way to the festival! We parted ways after we walked into the park, but it was a great feeling to have a conversation with complete strangers.

River Valley Instagram

Kim and the giant toy in the giant-toy-store in #yyc

I spent the last 3 days in Calgary with my friend Kim (aka Gary). It was an amazing visit filled with plenty of laughter and awesome food!

Kona on Sulphur Mountain

Kona resting at the top of Sulphur Mountain

Heading down the Gondola after our hike.

Tay in the Gondola

Sulphur Mountain Gondola – Instagramed!

View of the Gondola from the hiking trail.

A fun activity we found while walking on 17th Ave in Calgary.


My favourite vegetarian restaurant is located in Calgary, and it’s called The Coup. Kim and I went there twice and made some delicious vegan fried chik’n one night too. Check it out!

Cherry, Coconut & Mint Smoothie – The Coup

Almond-Caper-Caesar Salad with grilled Portobello Mushroom and Tempeh-Shawarma


It’s been a really awesome week! Just 3 more shifts at the restaurant, and then I’m on a 4 month vacation! I’M SO EXCITED!












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