“Top Secret Hotels” – Planning Family/Friend days in Toronto

Hey all!

I’ve been so stressed out about my impending departure that even the enjoyment of writing in my blog is gone!

Sure, I’m excited for my trip. Really excited, actually.

But that’s not the part that is stressing me out.

It’s moving back to Ontario that has me stressed.

I want to be back there so badly! But, it’s hard to think of leaving when I have my friends, my life, and my daily routines all in this city.

I am moving. That is 100% a for sure fact. After travelling in Europe for 3 months, I highly doubt I’ll return and think “I want to move back to Edmonton and work as a server”. I’m not saying for sure it won’t happen; but, I am hoping that Europe will be as life changing as everyone implies, and I’ll return with new aspirations (hopefully closer to ‘home’).

Now, that being said, I have done very little in terms of trip planning. I still haven’t purchased a Europass (bad girl!), nor have I finished buying everything I need. I’m stuck in this “I refuse to accept my reality” type of rut.

BUT, I did do something worth sharing with you all!

I booked a “Top Secret Hotel” in Toronto for my family and I!

First of all, I booked a hotel in Toronto for a couple nights at the end of August so that my Mumzie, Paul, (possibly) Jacob and I could spend some time together out-and-about. Shopping, perusing, eating (what we do best), and visiting with my University pals.

So, back to this “Top Secret Hotel” deal.

I went onto Travelocity.ca to look for hotels. I knew that I wanted to be downtown Toronto, but also knew I didn’t want to spend an outrages amount on our hotel.

Then I noticed this:

Do you see it!? “Find Top Secret Hotels

You have to click that box, and then in your search there will be “mystery” hotels displayed.

Travelocity will show you the star rating for the hotel, as well as the overall rating in certain categories (location, bed comfort, security etc), and amenities included (e.g. pool, gym, internet), but that’s it!

So, I saw a 4 star hotel with a top rating in every category for $145 a night. You might be thinking “WHOA!? That’s so expensive”! Well, considering I was going to pay $139 for a 3.5 star Holiday Inn room, I thought why not take the chance? What’s the worst that could happen?

So, I booked the room (no idea where it was or what it was called), and I was pleasantly surprised!

For a total of $336 I get:

  • 1 room for 3 in a non-smoking room with high-speed internet
  • 2 night stay!
  • Downtown Toronto (close to everything)
  • At a 4 star hotel (The Intercontinental to be exact)

What a fantastic surprise!

Needless to say: I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Boo Ya!


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