Fringe and Instamoments

The International Fringe Festival is in town! I went to a few productions last year, and LOVED it! Unfortunately, not too many of my friends are “fringers”, and Ashley (my fellow fringer) is out of town. So, I haven’t been to any plays…yet! I am determined to go to at least one!

Although I haven’t been to any plays, I did venture out and walk around one evening. Also, Kim was in town visiting last weekend for her 1/2 marathon, so I have a lot of pictures to share!


I made some delicious Cashew-Yam burgers (Coup recipe) and a delicious salad using the tomatoes from our garden! YUM!

Artist Venue at the Fringe through the filters of Instagram


Yes, I have an attraction to Gingers — I relate to their pale skin and freckles.

Our Sunflowers are in bloom!

Kim crossing the finish line!

Matt’s kitten’s — I want one (Don’t worry mom, I didn’t actually take one).

Look at 1 of 2 drawers worth of bathroom stuff!

Drawer #2!

I’ve managed to downsize to this…for now.

Two boxes of my things en-route to Ontario!

As you can see I’ve been fairly busy. I am currently taking a break from packing up the rest of my things. By tonight I should be living out of a suitcase with everything packed away ready for the trip back home. It’s a process. I have literally brought 3 garbage bags FULL of clothing to charity already, and I am filling a fourth! If I wasn’t moving back to Ontario I might keep some of the clothes, but I just can’t be bothered to pay money to ship a few shirts that are worth less than $10. Call me crazy! So, I am downsizing my clothing to two duffel-bags. Challenge accepted!


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