Instagram Weekend – Touring Toronto

I know I’m back in Ontario when:

  • I’m too hungover to function
  • It’s 1:30pm and I’m still in my pajamas watching JP
  • I don’t think about blogging because I’m busy ALL OF THE TIME

Yepp, I am officially back. It’s been a busy week so far! There has been a lot of delicious food (thanks for the home-made Poutine last night Mumzie), a lot of yelling (my family is loud), and late-night stops at the LCBO (a.k.a. Kristyn’s, since the liquor stores close at 9 in this city).

Anyways, between my Mumzie and I there were a lot of Intagram moments this past week. We went to Toronto, stayed in the very under-whelming Intercontinental Hotel downtown, and did some shopping and exploring in the Distillery District. I also got to see a few University friends, including my old roommate Erin and my very good friend Bre: it’s so lovely seeing old friends, wouldn’t you agree?

So, here is this week’s Instagram Weekend post. Enjoy!

Mumzie posing for the camera on our way to The Big City

Spirit Fingers

The drive to Toronto was as it always is: music, spirit fingers and bickering.

Exploring Yonge in Toronto

Jacob posing for his big-sis down at the water

We took a stroll from the hotel over to the Distillery District and along the way we took some photos with Instagram.

Instagram – Sunshine

Distillery District

I love this photo! Thanks Instagram

We spent the entire afternoon exploring the Distillery District. We enjoyed coffee at Balzac’s, ate some delicious chocolate from Soma (best in Toronto they say), and has lunch at The Boiler House where our wonderful server spilled a tray of drinks. Don’t worry, we laughed with her (and at her, of course) and I put her mind at ease by relaying my story of how I spilled an entire drink one time and cried.

Distillery District – Urban Art

Balzacs Coffee, and Jacob being silly

Ginger Molasses Cookie from Balzac’s in the Toronto Distillery District

Soma Chocolate – Toronto Distillery District

I love this picture of my brother, Jacob

Sculpture in the Distillery District

Lunch at The Boiler House

Lunch was pretty good. I had the Fish Tacos which were okay, but nothing like the Fish Tacos at Original Joe’s, and the rest of the table at a Shaved Porchetta Sandwich, a Black Angus Cheeseburger and Fish n’ Chips. The burger was delicious (said my meat-eating family) as was the Sandwich, and the Fish was very light. Yummy! The Patio was nice (watch out for bees!) and the service was friendly. Definitely going back here in the future!

Movie in the Park, Toronto

I wasn’t too sure about Toronto as a city to live in, but then Bre took me to a Move in the Park, and I realized that living in the Big City will definitely have a lot of perks.


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