Skinny-dipping in the Irish Sea


How did I make the decision to do this? Well, I didn’t really have a choice. I have my American friends, Chris and Cree, as well as Will, to thank for this amazing memory.
Chris and Cree love adventure. I wish i had the ‘just do it’ mentality that they both have. Luckily, after a week with them, I feel like I have inherited it a little bit.
We travelled from Galway to a small town called Gorey on the bus, then walked 1.5 hours down a country road (scary!), eating wild blackberries, to Courtown. We booked a hostel that we thought was in Wexford, then realized on our way that it was actually an hour outside. What!? But, we luckily were able to get off the bus in Gorey and walk the rest of the way.
Beaches Youth Hostel is more like a bed and breakfast than a hostel. It was like a cozy cottage. We immediately walked the 5 minutes to the private beach. It was down an almost hidden sand-path, under a tunnel of bushes, and then a steep decent to the beach. It was gorgeous. The water was freezing. I had already agreed during the bus ride to go skinny dipping that night but the minute my feet were in the water I started running through excuses to not go in. The boys skipped rocks along the water and I took pictures and videos of the frolicking around.
After about 45 minutes we headed into town to grab some food from the market and then made a delicious one-pan concoction of potatoes, bell peppers, egg and cheese. The boys kindly made a vegetarian dinner so I could partake, and it was so yummy! Then we drank some strong Irish cider: it comes in 2 liter pop bottles! It was delicious. Then, as an extra blanket of warmth, we added some whiskey to the mixture.
Chris had a headlamp and we all trekked to the beah, Will leading the way, and then we striped (sorry family haha) and ran into the water!
And you know what, it wasn’t that cold. Then, we ran out, and as we were drying off we all said “again?” and ran in one more time; it was considerably colder that time.
So, when someone asks you to go skinny-dipping, don’t think about an excuse, just do it! Now I have an amazing memory and I can say: “This one time, in Ireland, I went skinny-dipping in the Irish Sea”.



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