Life’s Soundtrack: Travel Music

I love music.
I also love taking the train in Europe. It’s generally comfortable, and the passing scenery never gets tiring.
Listening to music while looking at the scenery is very relaxing, and a great time to just rest, or write in your journey.
Now, it can’t just be any music. No, Nicki Minaj won’t do.
Before leaving I made ‘Traveling Playlists’: Mellow, On the road, Upbeat, and Alternative.
A few of my favourites from ‘On the road’ are:
1. Emerald Isle by Whitehorse
2. Honey by Moby
3. Concerning Hobbits- Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
4. I’ve got this friend-The Civil Wars
5. Beauty beats- Beats Antique
6. Feeling Line-Boy and Bear
7. The Wild Hunt – The Tallest Man on Earth
8. New Earth – Zerbin
9. Where in the world are you now – Great Lake Swimmers
10. October – Broken Bells
11. Audience – Cold War Kids
12. Light All My Lights – Seeker Lover Keeper
13. Disparate Youth – Santigold
14. Cigarettes ft. Hue Blanes – illy
15. Breathe Me – Sia
16. Sundials Last Hour – Side Step Fate

Moby made my list because it has sentimental value for me. My dad and I traveled a lot together when I was younger, and when I listen to Moby it reminds me of being in his car, driving through the mountains. It was one of 3 CDs he had in his car so I know the Play and Play: B Sides almost by heart.
I like instrumental music, especially when I’m writing–sometimes the mood of what I write is influenced by what I’m listening to at the time.
The Great Lake Swimmers are Canadian, and although I don’t know when I first heard them, there is a sense of nostalgia when they play on my iPod.

What type of music to you prefer while on the road?


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