Hola, I’m in Madrid!

Hola! Como estas?

I arrived in Madrid Monday night after a very long day of traveling. And honestly, I was smelling pretty horrible. I was in need of a shower, and I really needed to do laundry. I feel horrible for those who had to sit next to me on the trains.
I’m staying at the Barbieri Sol Hostel, only a one minute walk to the main square of Puerta del Sol.
Since I am already a master of the Metro system in Paris, taking the Metro from the train station to Sol was painless. And although it was 10 at night, the square was full of people and the restaurants were full. I am not used to such late festivities on a Monday night, and I wondered if perhaps it were a holiday?
The answer: no, it was merely a Monday night in Madrid.
I have learned a lot about the culture of Madrid in the past few days.
For instance, the history of their city is quite colorful. Kings, civil war, in-breeding and drinking were all high-lights of the free walking tour, as well as an explanation of execution techniques.

Also, the oldest restaurant in the world is located in Madrid, as well as the largest palace in Western Europe (yes, even bigger than Versailles!).
What I really want to tell you about is the food! Yummy! Tapas!
Confession: I was very confused by ‘tapas’. I had heard of it, but the customs behind it were foreign to me. In Madrid, tapas are not ‘free’ as I had expected. I was told that in cities like Salamanca and Granada, tapas are served free as they were in the old days. Here in Madrid when you order a drink you may get a plate of olives or cheese at no cost, but most places when you order ‘Calamares’ for example you must pay extra.
Sorry, let me explain.
Tapas are a customary ‘snack’ in Spain. I’ve heard two versions about their history:
1. When a king some years ago was at a restaurant, he ordered wine and a small snack. He was near a beach, and the wind was strong that day. An attentive waiter noticed that sand was blowing into the King’s wine, and decided to place a small plate with his food on top of the glass I prevent Sand from getting into the wine. The King wondered what the waiter was doing, and he said it was a ‘tapas’ or top.
2. Farmers would head into the city during their lunch to eat and have a drink. Well, most of the time they could not afford to do both. So, they chose to drink. After lunch, they would return to the fields slightly drunk as they had nothing to eat to help absorb the alcohol. Thus, productivity declined. The King at the time made a law that from then on, every drink must be served with a small portion of food at no extra cost.
The truth, I believe, lies somewhere in-between.

After the walking tour I wanted to go on the tapas tour they offered. But, I got lost on my way, and never found where it was, so I missed it! I was tires frustrated and HUNGRY! I repeatedly walked by the same restaurant about half-a-dozen times. The waiters inside began saying ‘hola’ every time. Because they were so friendly, I decided it was a good place to sit down and have a beer and some food (pictures above and below).


Then, yesterday, my friend Pablo took me around the lesser-known areas of Madrid. He also took me to this wonderful Tapas bar which looked like a hole-in-the-wall and was teeny-tiny! It was so busy you could barely move! But, it was delicious!




1. A lovely waitress pouring our beer. You can see the food in the background. There was a limited menu.
2. Queso y Membrillo – cheese with quince paste. It was delicious! The cheese was very bland, but the Membrillo (fruit paste) is very sweet.
3. Fried padron peppers — deep fried peppers tossed in coarse salt. Pablo told me that while most of them are not hot, sometimes one will be spicy. I had one spicy out of the dozen I ate. It’s like a surprise! A wonderful surprise!
And are you ready:

Croquetas de jamon y Queso — fries goats cheese with ham. And yes,
I ate a bite. GASP! It’s fairly popular, and pig is a staple in their diet here. There was trace amounts of meat, and like the bad pescatarian I am I ate it. I attempted to avoid the meet (you could see it). It was how you would imagine deep-fries cheese would taste-delicious!
I leave you now with some pictures I took while exploring with my England friends and Pablo.






I still have 4 more days here. I will post again soon!
Tay x


4 thoughts on “Hola, I’m in Madrid!

  1. actually, there are free tapas in Madrid. We thought the exact same thing on our first trip (and it wasn’t as I remembered it as a student over 30 years ago so it was quite disappointing), that there weren’t any. However, on our second trip, hubby DID get free tapas by standing at the bar and ordering a drink. There were several places around our hotel (Preciados) that did this each and every time we stood at the bar. so, on our first trip, we did NOT stand at a bar because we had our 10 year old with us. but on the second trip when it was just the two of us (anniversary trip), we got those free tapas!

    absolutely loved your report of one of my most favorite cities in the world!! and the pics are fabulous!

    • Hola!
      I experienced the free tapas last night as well. And yes, I was standing at the bar. Regardless of whether or not I have to pay, I enjoy the idea of tapas. It’s so much better to eat delicious goat’s cheese and caramalized onions than a plate of nachos.

  2. Have you been to a cien montadidos?? It’s a chain, so maybe not your number one idea of where to go (depending?) BUT they serve little sandwiches with beer or sangria at very low prices. The food is tasty and its a good place when on a budget (I thought anyway!)

    • Thanks for the advice 🙂 I haven’t seen any of these anywhere…hmm I’ll have to keep my eyes open! I’ve been dining on tapas and groceries — although it’s hard not to splurge on delicious Spanish food.

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