Where to next?


I am in love with Madrid!

Yesterday, I went with a friend while he looked for a “flat” (apartment for all you Canadians), and I got so excited thinking about looking for a place when I move back to Ontario! The woman who showed us the flats was, how should I put this, crazy! Seriously! I may not have understood 99% of what she said, but even I could tell she was loco.

Anyways, just an update to say hello! I am safe, and starting to get the hang of this traveling thing. I bought groceries as well! I bought enough for the next few days and it only cost me 12 Euros! One meal usually costs me that much! So, note to self: buy groceries!

Today I am going to decide where my next destination will be. Any suggestions? I was thinking Porto, Portugal.


2 thoughts on “Where to next?

  1. I loved Sevilla this past May, the entire city looks/feels different from Madrid. I hope it’s a little cooler than 40 degrees though! Exploring is hard on the body when it’s that hot (;

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