Sangria and rooftop views in Madrid

Hola from Seville! I took a 2.5 hour train from Madrid to Seville earlier today, and am now at a (so far) amazing hostel called The Garden Backpacker. I had the intention of napping all-afternoon as I think I’m getting a bit sick (sniffles–don’t be alarmed!). But of course, within 10 minutes of arriving I made some new friends! Already I’ve seen a lot and I think I’m going to like Seville a lot–but more on that later this week.
My last night in Madrid was spent with Pablo and a new friend, Onellia, who is also from near Toronto! Small world.
Pablo took us to an amazing view at the top of Circulo Bellas Artes, which has an amazing view of Madrid and a small cafe where you can drink beer or a cafe con leche.




It was the perfect way to end Madrid. It only cost 3 euros (worth it!) and my advice is to go in the morning or in the afternoon (it closes at 7, I think). If you go at noon the sun will be in a terrible spot for pictures; just an FYI!
Then, Pablo took us to one of his favourite spots. It’s well known in Madrid as having the best Sangria, but unless you know of it, you probably won’t venture into it. The entrance
looks like this:

There is only a hallway and then stairs which you have to go down to enter the actual bar. It’s known as a cave tavern, and it’s name is Las Cuevas de Sesamo.

Only 11 euros for a large pitcher of delicious Sangria and a popcorn tapa. It was quiet when we arrived, but as we left at 10, it was starting to fill-up. And yes, it also is a piano bar! It was a really awesome place, and I definitely recommend that you visit!


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