Getting lost in Sevilla, Spain

Hola from Sevilla!
Good news: I finally feel better!
Not-so-good-news: it was a cold day here in Sevilla with clouds (20 degrees is cold here).
But because of my new-found energy I decided to go exploring today. Four hours later I had managed to get lost, have a picnic in the park, get lost again, go shopping and see a statue of a naked man and a dog with a snake…pretty eventful day!
Check out my pictures (instagram, of course):

Although it was cloudy, Sevilla architecture still looks beautiful!

Plaza de Armas indoor market was a pleasant find! I was lost at this point, but glad I wondered in! I grabbed some food to make lunch which was simple enough except I keep forgetting to weigh my fruits and veggies! So, the man signed to me what I had to do and I felt so ridiculous, holding up a very busy line. Oops!

I walked across the bridge to the other side of the river and was so glad I did! I have a love for graffiti:




Some of it is a little graphic (sorry!) but it was pretty cool to look at. Better than what you’re about to see…a naked man with a dog and a snake around the dogs neck. So strange! I cannot find anything about it! Do you know what it is?

Then I continued down the path admiring the buildings and people fishing in the river.




Then I ended up on Calle de Betis. I didn’t explore beyond the path beside the river as the day was dull, and I’ve decided to go back on a nicer day and perhaps in the evening.



Next I ventured back across the bridge in search of Plaza de Espana, but never found it. I did stumble on some beautiful gardens, some fountains and parts of the University. There was a tour en francais going on in the area, so when I saw them taking pictures I did too.





By this point I was feeling really hungry so I stopped to eat the food I had purchased.

I made a hummus, cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich while sitting on a bench. It was wonderful!


Above is a cute restaurant stumbled on while walking down Agua. Then below is Metropol Parasol.

These were really cool! I am going to climb on these on a clearer day.
Hope you enjoyed!


One thought on “Getting lost in Sevilla, Spain

  1. I love the photo tour of Seville! Great variety of pictures. I can’t wait to visit in the spring.

    Seriously, I want to know what’s up with the naked man and the dog! LOL.

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