Vegan in Seville, Spain

I am so excited!
I just had some of the BEST vegan baked goods EVER!

Welcome to Veganitessen located in an indoor market at c/ pastor y Landero s/n Puesto 32.
I looked it up on Happycow and read about it on a few other travel-veg blogs and immediately became excited.
My best-friend is Vegan, and if you browse through my site you can find some really yummy recipes!
Anyways, VEGAN BAKERY IN SEVILLE, was super awesome! And the woman there is lovely, and despite the language barrier I managed to ask her: ?Donde esta el supermercado? Por vegan y tofu?
And, she kindly wrote down the name and address of the place!
Anyways: the food was fantastic! The boys had a chocolate croissant. Sherry from Australia had some delicious cocoa – coconut topped deliciousness.


Doesn’t it all look delicious!? And 100% vegan!

I had a Limon y demillio de anrola.

Moist, dense and not too sweet. I also bought a Donuts rellenos which looks like a chocolate covered donut.

I saved the donut for the hostel and shared it with the group. It was similar to a Boston Cream, with a custard filling on the inside. It sadly wasn’t very fresh/really dry, so although it was yummy, my fellow non-vegan friends at the hostel weren’t that impressed. Oh well! I also got a chai tea and this is what it cost:
Limon y demillio de anrola 1.99
Donuts rellenos 1.75
Chai tea 1.80
Total 5.54 euros!
Relatively inexpensive!

Needless to say, I will be going back there! I always wondered how people gained weight abroad. Now I know-bread, cheese, bread, pastries, bread, chocolate and more bread. Oh, and beer, wine, sangria, and beer.
So, if you’re in Seville, vegan or not, this is an inexpensive cafe. They also have a menu where they have breakfast items, including smoked tofu! What are you waiting for!? Get over to Seville RIGHT NOW!


3 thoughts on “Vegan in Seville, Spain

    • Yeah, it would be tough! I’ve been eating way more seafood while here than I have in a long time…but am trying to eat vegetarian/vegan a bit more often now…just have to make a lot of your own food which is okay because it’s cheaper that way 😉

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