Biking Seville, Spain

When you come to Seville, (you will come), you must rent a bike. This is not a recommendation, this is an ORDER. There is something to be said about biking down cobblestone streets in an old European city; something different then walking.
I met a new friend while on the computer this morning: Adam from Poland! We chatted and he decided to join me on my biking adventure. It would have been fun alone, but the experience was enhanced with a friend.
Our first stop: Metrosol Parasol
Oh, and also, it’s been a few years since I’ve been on a bike. You know the saying ‘it’s like riding a bike’ because you never forget? Well, I didn’t forget the basics, but it took me a while to get comfortable riding on the narrow streets. I didn’t fall (phew), but there were a few close calls. A few ‘deer-in-headlights’ type of moments.




Yeah, pretty awesome! And what’s even more awesome is having pictures with me in them!
Next we rode down a really cute street, so we stopped for pictures.

Then we ventured to the Cathedral and then to Plaza de Espana.


That’s pretty much it! Then we just rode around and we went to the Festival of Nations for some food, but I’ll post about that later!


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