Cadiz, Spain


I’ve been in Seville now for a week, and the longer I stay the less I want to leave. You can see the sites within 3 days, but there is so much more in Seville to experience. Because of the amount of expats living in the city there is a feeling of ‘home’ here, even as a traveler just passing through.
I decided to explore Cadiz, a port city 1 hour 45 SW from Seville.
You can take the bus from Prado de San Sebastian every-other-hour. There was a 9am that I missed so I went at 11am instead.
It was a direct bus, and a costly 21 euros round trip. The bus does drop you off right at the edge of the old-Cadiz centre though.
Cadiz is the oldest, continuously inhabited, city in Europe! It is also home to the most Western tip in Spain. Christopher Columbus began his journey to the New World from the port in Cadiz. History is very rich in this small city, so history buffs should definitely take a day-trip. For that, I recommend spending the additional 18 euros for a tour–they will be able to tell you the history I am now researching myself on Wiki.
But, the scenery is beautiful. Some of the most blue ocean I’ve ever seen is just off the NW.


I spent the afternoon wandering close to the ocean, taking pictures and just taking in the beauty. They’ve spent a lot of money on ensuring the paths are clean, the gardens neat and the parks maintained.
I saw a fountain and a ‘cave’ where you could go behind a waterfall. You’ll never guess what I found…

Do you see it?? I was so excited!

A dino! I could barely believe my eyes! When I went to investigate I realized I was in a children’s playground. Or, a playground specifically made for me! I’m thinking the later.



I went to the famous Cadiz Cathedral, with it’s yellow top. I didn’t go in, however, I’m becoming tired of churches.



As you can see, Cadiz offered some amazing scenery. However, if you are going to other coastal towns, and are not overly interested in history, skip Cadiz. I am glad I went, but I wouldn’t go again, nor suggest it to anyone. I was there for 6 hours, and I could have seen it in 3. It’s not very large, only 3 or 4 blocks from one ocean view to the other. Been to Cadiz? Do you have a different opinion? Has anyone been to Lagos? I’m thinking of going there after Granada.



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