Weekly Photo Challenge:Mine


This week’s challenge was to take a picture of an object/view/moment that I view as entirely mine. Well, I’m not an overly possessive person, so I really had to think about it. Then I realized, this blog is mine. I am very proud of this blog and I can say that I have created all of the content. I made my own heading, I’ve written every post, and I’ve taken every photo.

This is mine.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Mine

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  3. Hi Tay! I found you through the photo challenge. Just wanted to say you are on exactly the kind of journey I believe every young person should experience. I spent a year travelling around Europe when I was 21. At 67 now, spending time in Europe is still my greatest pleasure and our children were all encouraged to take an adventure like yours . There’s nothing like it and, trust me, it will stay with you forever. Wishing you a safe and exciting journey!

    • Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!
      Wow, traveling pre-internet must have been very different, I can only imagine! I can only imagine right now how this will impact me in the future, but I already know that this is an experience I will recommend to my own children. I wish my parents would have encouraged me to do this years ago. Thank-you again 🙂

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