Alhambra – A must see in Granada

Ever heard of the Alhambra? Confession: I never had. While in Seville, I tossed around the idea of visiting of Granada. I heard people talking about it, and I had seen the pictures of the picturesque white-wash buildings, but it wasn’t a must see for me.
Well, I’m going to tell you: this is a must see for you!
Now, unfortunately, my phone was dying during my official tour of the Alhambra, so all of my pictures are on my camera. I know, I failed you! But, I have a few pictures from my walking tour of the building that I will share, and when I can I will upload my pictures! For pictures of the Alhambra CLICK HERE.
IMPORTANT buy your tickets online before you get to Granada. That way you’re not waiting in a long line, and I’ve heard rumors that sometimes it’s sold out so you can’t see it. Don’t make that mistake!


I wish I had more photos for you! But, take my word for it: visit Granada and the Alhambra!


2 thoughts on “Alhambra – A must see in Granada

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