Paprika-Granada Vegetarian

Hola from Granada!
Looking for Vegan or Vegetarian food in Granada? So was I!

After touring the Alhambra in the morning, I was feeling very hungry. I debated going back to the Shawarma King for a falafel, but then at the last minute decided to try finding a vegetarian restaurant. Not easy.

I finally found the restaurant at 12:30, only to be told that they didn’t open until 13:00!! Oh no! I debated walking back for some falafel but then decided that I would be happiest if I could have some tofu.
I went back at 13:10 (I didn’t want to seem to eager), but alas I was still the first person to arrive, and the server didn’t look too pleased that I was there. But, I refused to be disheartened…I really wanted some tofu. Trust me, when you haven’t had tofu in a month, you crave it.
I immediately ordered a Sangria and started to peruse the menu.






Are you drooling yet?
I decided to order the menu of the day: a coleslaw salad with raisins, apples and pistachios followed by a Honey-tofu couscous for only 8.5 euros. If that wasn’t enough, in true Granada form, she dropped off a tapa of hummus! Delicious!


The salad was creamy, crunchy, sweet and spicy. I was in veggie heaven! There were raisins and pistachios and fresh onions. The sauce was hard to place, but reminded me of big-Mac sauce–in a good way!

I don’t eat couscous very often, but since it was the menu item of the day I went for it. I was rewarded with a sweet and spicy medley of veggies, raisins, nuts and lightly fried tofu.
You should be warned, in Spain people do not rush through their meals. I didn’t leave until 15:20! Of course, I had coffee and dessert, but my main meal still took close to 2 hours to arrive. But, it was really yummy and my server was actually very pleasant. Worth it.
Okay. Dessert. For 2 euros more I could have a raisin-polenta dessert made with coconut milk. Honestly, I wasn’t sold, but for 2 euros vs an additional 5, I gave it a try.


Wow. The dessert was AMAZING! Not too sweet and many different textures. The picture looks awesome; and it tasted even better!
In Granada? Check out Paprika!!

PS right after my day of eating copious amounts of veg food, my hostel made a vegan salad! Best part: it was free with two drinks, which only cost 2 euro! Yay! It was chickpeas, beets, onions, lentils and peppers. Yummy!



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