Hola Lisbon, Portugal

First impression of Lisbon (Lisboa): just another big city.
BUT, after less than 24 hours in the city I realized that Lisbon is described as one of the best cities in Europe for several reasons.
My hope is that by the end of next week I will be able to share everything that I’ve experienced with you.
Such as:
A) I guess there is a surf competition a mere hour or so from here?
B) Rumor has it that parts of Lisbon are quite modern
C) Thieves Market
D) Lots of vegetarian/vegan food options!
E) Great bar scene.
F) Fantastic beaches.
G) Awesome scenery.
H thru Z to come soon!
Anyways, the following photos are a peak of all that I saw today while exploring. Starting with some Eurail shots from Seville, and just a few photos from my first day. I was tired and not in the mood for too much exploring, but I still managed to take some good photos (thanks instagram), enjoy!

Laundry drying outside on the street is very common, especially in the Alfama neighborhood.


A few tram pictures, by day. So awesome! And perfect for traversing the steep ‘7 hills’ of Lisbon.

A view I stumbled upon while lost in Lisbon my first day.

I love graffiti and I love doors! Perfect combo right here!

Tia Augusta Arch in Commerce Square.

The Santa Justa Lift.

A fountain… (it looked important)



A few more shots of the view of Lisbon from above and a sign I liked.
Now for some shots of the tram by night and some awesome graffiti.





How do you like Lisbon so far?
I love it! Tomorrow is a day exploring with some Lisbon locals 🙂 can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Hola Lisbon, Portugal

  1. About that surf competition – it’s gonna be until 20.10. if you stay around here until then. It’s in Peniche, a bit north of Lisboa, I think it’s about an hour drive by bus. Me and my friends will go there this saturday or sunday I guess. We have to figure out the transportation. =)
    Other than that, enjoy the Europe! =D

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