Beautiful Belem

Sorry to all my friends and family for being MIA this past week; I’ve been too busy having a fantastic time in Lisbon.
Yesterday was a quick trip to Belem. What’s in Belem?
Pastel de Nata
It is a very delicious custard, tart thing.
I spent three hours in Belem and saw lots of beautiful sights, but could not get the pastry out of my mind!!
So my first stop:





The cultural center of Belem! Beautiful, modern and definitely worth the stop!




Above is photos from the tower of Belem! The stairs inside are DEATH! Worth the 5 euro? Hm… Not so much. The views were nice though:



Then I just want walking and explores the rest of the sites (always on the look-our for pastry).



Padrão dos Descobrimentos is the name of the above monument. Pretty awesome, yeah?
Now for the pastry: Pastéis de Belém.
OMG! So so so good!
I wasn’t sure where I could get these…but everyone I spoke to told me it was a must.
I had walked around for a few hours and hadn’t found them, and I had just about given up hope when I looked to my right and I saw it!
After a 10 minute wait I had my first Belem pastry.

Mmm…is it bad that I’m thinking of going back for more?


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Belem

  1. Beautiful indeed. I really wanted to go in the monastery- the cloisters are supposed to be a bit special- but I had my purse nicked the day we were going and spent the day with “the constabulary”. Not recommended.

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