Adventures in Lisboa with the Gspot Family

Hello friends and family!!
Remember how I said I loved Lisbon? Well, it’s official, I think Lisbon, Portugal and I are meant to be together. It’s head-over-heals infatuation!
We tried to head to Peniche for the surf competition a few days ago, but late-comers slowed us down and we missed the bus. Since we were already our, the five of us decided to check out the Parque das Nações (Park of Nations) and the expo area.
Wow! It’s very similar to the Distillery District in Toronto in that there is a lot of urban art, but way more modern!
Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘old Lisbon’ with the hills, cobblestones and small streets, but finding this gem made me realize how diverse Lisbon is!
A large mall, beautiful Oriente train station, a view of the Ponte Vasca de Gama bridge over the Tagus River and kilometers of pathways makes this one of my favourite places so far!
This post is just a sneak peek, as I was with four boys so I couldn’t stop in all the galleries and cafes; but, don’t worry, I will be returning!

Above is the view from the street. The Oceanarium is close by, as well as the science centre!

The Vasco De Gama shopping centre has a celeiro dieta (vegan food) and tons of other shops you only find in Portugal. They also have an awesome food-court!



I’m not entirely sure what the name of this hotel is, but it dominated most of the views here. Also, you can rent bikes here! Which is awesome, because in the old centre it’s not very bike-friendly.

All along the path there are cute modern cafes selling espresso and treats. Some even have meals! We got a cafe for 0.60 Euro! Not bad!


Next is a picture of the Ponte Vasca de Gama. It’s a 17.2 KM long bridge across the Tagus River. Beautiful! I used this photo for this week’s photo challenge as well.


Well, I’m in Porto now, and despite the rainy weather I can’t wait to explore! Cafes, markets, art galleries and wine tours await!!

Party at the Gspot

So, for the most part I’ve been telling you about my daily exploring, but I had the most amazing night-out and need to share the details!

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am drinking in these pictures, but don´t worry family it was a very safe night out!

So, after exploring Lisbon with Harry, Hayden, Sam and Pedro, we headed back to the hostel. Well, it seems like my Aussie friends know a bit more about drinking than I realized.

Straw-pedos is the name of the game, and it was deadly! You have a drink (similar to a Breezer) and you have a straw. The straw allows the air to be released as you gulp the entire thing in seconds! I was horrile at this game (and had to do some pretty embarrassing things becuase I lost).

Anyways, we played this for a good few hours.


We ran out so we went back and bought 48 more!!! It was a lot of fun! Then the group went out for sushi and I stayed in and packed.

Then the real fun began.

First of all, meet Sherry:

Sherry and I met for a very brief time in Seville. I’m fairly certain that our first few interactions we spoke of her going skydiving, and our travels, and immediately I knew I had to be her friend. She told met that she had a job at the Gspot hostel in Lisbon, and I decided that I had to go for a visit.

Well, she is one of the loveliest women I have ever met! Needless to say, this night out wouldn’t have been amazing if it hadn’t been for her.

Sam, Andy, Sherry and I were the only ones to head out for the Monday night, but we were determined to have fun. The first two bars we had 1 euro shots and then stumbled upon a bar with live music!

The four muskateers!

Sherry joining in on the fun

By this time, we unfortunately lost Andy, but Sam, Sherry and I stumbled on a random warehouse, where 5 people were just sitting in a room listening to a man play Portuguese guitar. We politely asked to join, and enjoyed a half-hour or so of free music. It was beautiful. This is where we met Alberto and Diego: a happy couple celebrating their one-year-wedding-anniversary in Lisbon! We got along so well, they asked us to join them at the club!

The happy couple

We had so much fun at the club! Sam left early (too bad) but Sherry and I stayed to dance. We were having such a marvelous time, that we were invited back with them to share Mexican Tequila (they are from Mexico) and listen to music in a square overlooking Lisbon. Oh, what a night!

Diego and I

Our night came to a close when a homeless woman trying to sleep began throwing rocks at us. She became so upset that the police came! This is when we called it a night, and Sherry and I cabbed back to the hostel.

I got to bed at 7am, my latest night so far in Europe! It was a great night though, filled with so many amazing memories. Thanks Sherry!


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