Road Trip Day Three: West to the Surf

Check out Day One and Day Two of this amazing last-minute road trip!

The last day of our trip was a bit different. We read about a beach that was hidden down a dirt-road just outside of the town Raposeira, which is about 25 minutes west of Lagos. We drove down toward the water and passed a dirt road but continued on and found a small surfing beach. It was completely different from any of the other beaches we had visited. There was a restaurant on the beach and a set of steep stairs leading to what looked like a large house or hotel. But, it still felt very secluded. The waves were relatively big and there were 2 dozen surfers out and about a dozen sun bathers.





We sat here on the rocks and ate another picnic lunch in the sun. It’s hard to believe that it’s the end of October yet I was outside in a T-shirt in 20+ degree weather!


Next we continued down the road and found a random dirt-road. We were feeling adventurous and drove up for about 10 minutes. It was rocky, uneven, pot-holes everywhere and big puddles. We finally gave-up and turned around when we drove up to a few bushes with a bunch of dogs tied up in them barking. I wonder what they were guarding…but not curious enough to investigate.
So, we drove back to the original dirt-road before the surf beach and drove for about 7 minutes and came up to the top of a cliff and up to amazing views.








What an amazing find. It would have been a perfect place to watch the sunset but we had to return the car. We also managed to pick-up a new friend, Tim, and gave him a lift from Lagos up to Lisbon!
Honestly, if you have the opportunity rent a car! I would have loved to rent one again and driven north or even more inland but time and money were a factor. Oh well, next time!
Enjoyed my road-trip? If you have any questions about cost/tolls/routes just message me!


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