Barcelona: Catalonia Capital

Hola my friends and family!
I have finally left Portugal. I’ve only been gone for a couple nights but already I know I’ll be going back! Such a beautiful country.
Anyways, I took an overnight train to Madrid then a high-speed train to Barcelona.
I initially checked into the Nikbor Hostel but quickly realized it was horrible and changed to the St. Christopher’s Inn–way better!
I managed to do quite a bit of sightseeing in just a couple days! I haven’t been inside the Sagrada Familia Basilica yet, but will try tomorrow and I’ll post photos then!
First thing I noticed were the very unique buildings along Avinguda Diagonal.


Antoni Gaudi designed these buildings. The top is Casa Batlló, and the bottom is Casa Milà.
I only saw the buildings from the street but check out the wiki articles for other pictures of the phenomenal designs.
That night Alan (road trip buddy) and a few new friends headed to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. There are nightly ‘shows’ with music and there are small stands that sell wine, beer and snacks.


The following day I just went out for a walk that ended up lasting a good four hours!
Now, prepare yourself, as I am about to tell you about the most amazing food market!
La Boqueria just off of the main street of La Rambla and on the outskirts of the Gothic Quarter.
First: one euro fruit drinks!

I had a coconut & banana one! YUMMY! Then I bought myself a baguette (0.75 cents), a small block of Brie cheese (1 euro), a small bag of olives (0.65 cents), and a peach and two tomatoes (1 euro).




I was tempted by lots of other stalls too: chocolate truffles, tempura ‘cones’, coffee stands and nuts and dates and lots of mushrooms!



This is seriously foodie heaven! I would have stayed here all day if I could. I’m definitely going back tomorrow before exploring the city. So much to see and taste.
Then I walked down to Rambla de Mar and the waterfront. Beautiful. In the peak of summer I’m sure this place is packed. Awesome paths for running/biking, great harbour views, awesome architecture and BEACHES!





I sat on a bench along the boardwalk and ate my lunch (ps: I ate the tomato like an apple! For those of you who know me, you know this is strange).
I was feeling tired but decided to walk up Carrer de la Marina to the famous Sagrada Familia.

Okay, I admit, I know nothing when it comes to famous architecture. I have seen pictures of the Sagrada but I had no idea it was in Barcelona. Surprise! Haha.


It was hard to get pictures as it’s covered in scaffolding and construction equipment. I want to go inside, but this day I wasn’t feeling like lines. So, on I went for another 30 minutes (uphill) to Guell Park.
Verdict: busy and over-rated. Sure, the architecture is cool but it’s hard to admire when there are people everywhere invading your pictures.





The coolest part: the gingerbread houses at the entrance! So cute!


So, Barcelona has a lot of really interesting buildings and tons of history. Too bad on Sunday the city is shut down. So, I spent the day walking the Gothic Quarter and I took a few more photos. Check it out! More to come later this week! Xo







2 thoughts on “Barcelona: Catalonia Capital

  1. Amazing photos in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Definitely one of my favorites.

    Great job Tay! I feel as if I’m traveling with you 😉

    Glad to read that you are having a blast & enjoy discovering the city.

    Don’t forget to head to El Tibidado for a view that will be in your heart & mind…forever!

    Happy travels.

    Kay 😉

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