Prague: A must see at night

This is the view I had as we made our way into Prague.
If you know me, you should know that autumn is my favourite season.
1. I think it’s the most beautiful with all of the colors of the changing leaves and how crisp everything looks in cooler weather.
2. I love wearing sweaters, scarves and hats!
3. I don’t necessarily like the cold, but there is something to be said about having that chill in the air and how clean everything feels (no more constant sweating in Ontario humidity).
4. Autumn means Christmas is just around the corner: family and food (apple pie, pumpkin pie, tofurkey, Mumzie’s amazing cheesecake, cookies, muffins, hot chocolate, gravy, stuffing and so much more).

Anyways, the site of the colourful trees gave me goosebumps!

Side note: Although Barcelona was a great city to visit, I don’t think I would go back. I found it over-priced and too crowded, even in low-season and despite being told my numerous sources a taxi would cost mea 30 euro mine cost me 40! I was so shocked! There is a bus but I had to be at the airport for 5am and didn’t feel safe waiting for public transit alone at 330am.
But Prague has excellent transit and there is a bus every 10 minutes (maybe less) that connects you with the metro! Cost? 32Kc ($1.70 CAD). Woo hoo!!
The outskirts of Prague leading to the inner-city were green. Lot’s of space and very clean looking. I knew right then I was going to love it.

Now, I had been sick the past few days, so my plan was to just stay at the hostel and relax but after a free beer from the hostel, and a 20 minute nap, I felt like exploring!

First I had to buy a hat and mitts (oh how I’ve missed you), and then I just decided to try and see as many sites by night as possible.


The first thing I noticed was all of the large sit-down cafes! They are everywhere! That is one of the things I miss about home, so I was so ecstatic! I guess I’ll have to go to a few and try their pastries (for the purpose of this blog, of course).

FYI: I will post pictures now of what I saw, but a few won’t have an explanation as I wasn’t sure what I was looking at–but that’s half the fun! I’ll go and see them during the day and get back to you!






The above picture is of the Old Town Square. November isn’t the ‘best’ time to visit Prague because it’s obviously a bit chilly for some people, but it worked out really well for me because that meant less crowds in my pictures! Restaurants still have outdoor seating with heaters, and despite being able to see your breath, a lot of people were taking advantage.
Now, my favourite site of the entire night: the Astronomical Clock.

If you’ve read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern this clock may remind you of the book. That’s part of the reason I loved it so much. Also, I got some really great photos!
I went around the corner and the most amazing smells hit me: firewood, sausages mixed with the smell of crepes and hot wine. I stood there just smelling the air.

Next I ventured to the Charles Bridge (Karlův most). I want to see it early in he morning to miss the crowds (and a photo with the morning fog would be awesome, eh?), but thought the evening could be nice as well. Unfortunately the iPhone just doesn’t do night-pictures very well, but I’ll share a few anyways.






I’ve been in Prague for 8 hours and I’ve already seen so much! Can’t wait to share more pictures with you!
Live Orchestra, city views, parks and of course hot wine and food await!
PS — only 3 weeks left! Excited and sad at the same time: saxcited?


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