Paris, France Revisited

Hey all!
Only 13 days left of my trip! Wow, time flies!
So, I owe Paris an apology. Although I saw many amazing sights during my last visit, I told people it was the worst city I had ever been to.
I’m sorry Paris, you deserve more than that.
First: Paris is not ideal to visit, for your first time, as a solo traveler. Find a friend to go with you, or find yourself a partner at the hostel. It made a world of difference wandering the streets of Paris with someone else.
First stop:

Rue La Fayette. Inside Galeries shopping centre they have their swavorski crystal Christmas tree on display! Phenomenal! I don’t have he type of money you need to shop on this road but I still enjoyed the displays. Some of them were robotic and they danced to the sound of music playing through speakers on the street. I really loved Cartiers window displays.








Carolyn and I just spent hours admiring the displays.
Then we headed to the famous Louvre! Well, we sort of stumbled on it after wandering around for hours. We got there just as the lights were being turned on!


Unfortunately I didn’t go inside, but many people have told me I should. Next time!
Then we headed into La Marais area–my friend I met during my travels told me I would enjoy this area, and Carolyn had been told the same, so we took a peak. Oh wow! Specialty shops, tea stores galore, perfumeries, candle shops, specialty chocolate and plenty of restaurants. This is the ‘gay friendly’ area of Paris, and it was exactly what I needed in order to change my mind about Paris.


I don’t have a picture (my phone died) but my friend Matthieu took me to the Sacred Heart Church my first night. I’m sure on a clear day the view is breathtaking, and I can tell you that by night it was one of the most amazing sights! So definitely check it out!
I’m a bit behind on my posts. Stay tuned for London and Scotland!!


2 thoughts on “Paris, France Revisited

    • I wasn’t a fan of Paris my first visit in September, but I think the autumn weather combined with the Christmas decorations throughout the city made for a better visit 🙂 glad you like the photos!

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